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Los Robles Open Space

The Los Robles Open Space contains approximately 331 acres of land located on the southerly edge of the Conejo Valley. It includes a nearly mile-long stretch of the prominent ridgeline flanking the Valley, along with dense chaparral-covered slopes and some relatively flat, grassy potreros near the ridgeline. One can often see deer browsing in the early morning and late afternoon. There are several miles of trails within this open space area, and the ridgeline trails provide some of the most scenic vistas in the Valley, with panoramic views of Thousand Oaks. The principal trailhead is at the southern terminus of Moorpark Road, with secondary access from a trailhead at the Arts Council Center.

Address: End of Green Meadow Road, Thousand Oaks
Phone: (805) 495-6471

Park Features:

September 30 - Summer Programs, King Gillette Ranch
September 30 - Summer Programs, Rocky Peak Park
September 30 - Summer Programs, Ballona Creek Trail and Bike Path
September 30 - Summer Programs, Pico Canyon
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