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Stoney Point

Prepare to spend hours of discovery on this hike at Stoney Point in Chatsworth. Boulders merge together to form caves, dens, and alcoves that beg to be explored.

Located at Topanga Canyon Boulevard between Chatsworth Street and the 118 Freeway, a huge boulder at the top of the mountain is a famous landmark called Stoney Point. Mountain climbers come here to learn and practice. Hikers of all sorts come to play.

A maze of trails encompass the Stoney Mountains. Some merely end abruptly, but there is always something interesting to see. It is hard to resist climbing high into the boulders, but be careful doing so with leashed dogs. Legs can get entangled on some of the precarious precipices.

There is a wide trail following the base of the mountain along the south and east sides that is easily traversed with dogs. Get on the trail below “Stoney Point” and follow it around toward the east.

A cluster of boulders form a good-sized cave at a small clearing to the left about midway to the east side of the mountain. A sharp eye can spot it from the trail. Look for a hitching post rail on the opposite side of the trail.

Parking on Topanga Canyon Boulevard is dangerous with dogs. It’s better to take the back way by parking on Chatsworth Street near the railroad crossing west of Canoga Avenue. Follow the bridle path along the tracks heading north. Watch out for stickers here.

The bridle path leads to the back side of Stoney Point along the railroad tracks to the wide trail around the base of the mountain.

A small stream ambles along-side the trail at a few points, but following the stream isn’t the best way to go because of areas with overgrown brush and debris. Lots of brush grows here.

There are no restroom facilities or drinking water. Stream water is not suitable to drink. Bring water for yourself and your dog. It can get very hot here, especially during summer.

Shade is scarce, but the caves and dens are cool and offer a good place to rest. Wear a wide brimmed hat and hiking shoes and be sure to protect your dog from too much sun.

Stoney Point is open from sunrise to sunset. Dogs must be leashed, but it is definitely worth a visit.

Address: 11000 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Chatsworth
Phone: (818) 883-8531

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