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Malibu Canyon--Piuma Ridge

Directions & Trail Map

Located on the spine of the central Santa Monica Mountains on the divide between the Malibu Canyon and Cold Creek watersheds, Malibu Canyon--Piuma Ridge is accessed up twisty Piuma Road. The park includes one formal picnic area perched above the Malibu Creek Gorge on the upper side of the hairpin turn of Piuma Rd. east of Malibu Canyon Rd.

Further up Piuma Road, a few short trails lead off of Piuma Road on both the north and south facing slopes of the range. The north slope is blanketed by thick fog banks in the summer. As a result, the area supports one of the largest contiguous oak woodlands in the range. The understory is also lush.

Address: Piuma Road, Malibu

Park Features:

September 30 - Summer Programs, King Gillette Ranch
September 30 - Summer Programs, Rocky Peak Park
September 30 - Summer Programs, Ballona Creek Trail and Bike Path
September 30 - Summer Programs, Pico Canyon
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