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Marsh Park

Park Programs

Marsh Park is a three acre park adjacent to the Los Angeles River in the Elysian Valley neighborhood of Los Angeles. Part of the Los Angeles River Greenway, the park is located adjacent to the nine-mile section of the 51-mile Los Angeles River known as the Glendale Narrows that has a natural “soft bottom,” instead of a concrete floor. This allows native river plants and animals to thrive as if the river were in its natural state. The park provides river access, and a stellar view of the Verdugo Hills, as well as picnic grounds, a grassy area, and nature-themed children's play equipment.

In addition, Marsh Park was specially designed to naturally filter out the pollutants that run off adjacent neighborhood streets through storm drains into the river. A section of the City's concrete drainage pipe was removed from under the park. The ground was then lowered so that dirty water coming from the streets slowly soaks into the ground during a natural cleansing process known as infiltration. Trash and other pollutants are removed before the water enters the river. Storm water can also soak deep into the ground between sand, rocks, and clay and replenish the natural underground water storage system known as the aquifer. In the arid climate of Los Angeles this is especially important. The park is planted with native marshland and upland plants, which assist with water infiltration and encourage birds, mammals, and insects such as butterflies to inhabit the area.

Address: 2960 Marsh Street

Park Features:

August 21 - 4pm, Primitive Firemaking, Marsh Park
August 23 - 8am, Nature in Focus, Franklin Canyon Park
August 23 - 7:30pm, Yosemite Comes to the River, Marsh Park
August 26 - 11am, Little Nature Explorers, Vista Hermosa Natural Park
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